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     Temple gate, just to see the four kings Impacts of Pre angry, majestic gesture, a nervous heart that has not been relaxed, but also entered the three Temple, shock the sense of space within the Third Temple. Third Temple Miankuo 5, 32.5 m; depth 4, 19.2 m. Four thick pillars Billiton open space of the hall, people entering the hall without any sense of oppression.

commentator said, the four main pillars of the Third Temple is the original structur Christian Louboutin sale e of the Jin Dynasty, the reporter saw a stout cylindrical, and feeling the wisdom of the Jin Dynasty artisans. In order to meet the needs of people bowing space, reducing the column out of sight, the craftsmen often use the shift column method, is an innovative architectural design and construction of the Liao and Jin Dynasties. the 
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out of the temple, the reporters look back at open temple windward eaves flower in full bloom It not only carries the eaves Ministry of weight, but also a decorative role, shaped like flowers, grand and magnificent. Oblique arch of the arch is different from the ordinar Replica watches for sale y brackets (with Liang Fang into the vertical direction), but into the oblique arch of 45 ° or 60 ° or oblique Aung Liang Fang is a wonderful ancient China's architectural history. The components of this type does not appear in the Song Dynasty style architecture, and Song It can be said that this build along with the emergence of the Liao and Jin Dynasty, also disappeared with the decline of  Replica watches the Liao and Jin. Some scholars have speculated that the oblique arch is a certain angle from the northern nomadic Traditional Residential support members, form a combination of the original brackets practices in the Central Plains.  Wedding dresses 

33 statue of painted sculpture of to about same story 
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the out of the Third Temple, north Main Hall, the entire hall were magnificent, like an artful bird. The reporter boarded 3.3 meter high platform, to enter the Main Hall hall. The temple Miankuo 40.7 meters and 26.8 meters deep, is the third largest existing Liao and Jin Dynasti Robe de soirée es Main Hall.

established the Liao and Jin Khitan ethnic Jurchen people are Buddhist. For the Liao and Jin rulers, the Buddhist is absorbed the Han culture, the tool of the ruling Han Chinese. The reporter looked up at the Main Hall that statue statue face full of solemn France, painted sculpture of about 33 gold on behalf of the same story, the theme is to educate people, This is perhaps one reason the Yingzong to this national temple given names

statue story around the Buddhist scriptures record, its predecessor, th Christian louboutin for sale e shepherdess, She dragged her pregnancy body with the public to participate in Rajagaha the celebration and danced for joy last abortion on the ground, were all disgusted, she issued an evil oath in anger: For afterlife Health Rajagaha, to make food the Son of Man. Later, by the Bud knock off Christian Louboutin dha's statement and admonished her senses converted to Buddhism. In Guizi Mu statue's left foot under, Hitodo surface of red hair, small ghost like image Guizi Mu evil. Craftsmen ingenuity to set off its short ferocious kind beautiful converted to Buddhism.

Inside the hall, Kangxi forty-seven years to 55 years dwarfed Bu Wedding dresses for the beach ddhist mural of 190 square meters, precious. Stage of things on both sides of brick, plastic 24 law enforcement Heavenly King, some English Wukui Wei, and some handsome wild, and some kind implicitly, face a the Jurchen color, the character of the northern nomadic vividly demonstrat Beach wedding dresses ed through these painted sculptures.

a cool breeze blowing in the yard of flowers. The reporters look into the inside of the temple statue, ornamentation fine dress, as if to wind drift up.  Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes 

Zhu Bian unyielding integrity light ages

,, reporters in the good Temple temple tour, temple of the west side south of that pie Rolex watches replica

Replica rolex ce is called impressed to reporters. the

this monument stand Dading 16 years (1176), also known as the The inscription describes a good Temple destroyed by the war situation in Liaoning at the end, as well as monks satisfactorily master the feat of the rebuilt temple, the full text of a total of 1076 words is good T Christian Louboutin shoes emple is only the first text information. The monument is 4.45 meters high, 1.28 meters wide, written by Yan not only extremely exquisite calligraphy and carving techniques, and the inscription is informative and lively, literarily. Zhu Bian,

, the Southern Song Dynasty Huizhou Wuyuan (1085-1144),  robe de demoiselle d honneur the word chapter, concept, such as Lay, the Southern Song Dynasty, a famous Confucian scholar Zhu Xi's uncle. The Lun recommended by the people, was appointed to ask to make Zhu Bian introduce ourselves asked Fushi. In the first month of the second year, Lun Zhu Bian, through wind and snow, came to the gold country of Xijing Datong, surface met Jin Quan Chen Nian Han. The Replica watches y the militant Zhanhan not listen to the two men to persuade them boom out the drawbacks of the two countries go to war to Zhanhan eloquently. the

2002 (1132), Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing, Jin suddenly send p christian louboutin imitation eople to pass the words and the proposal is feasible, should send a person to accept the credentials of returning to Golden States Marshal Office. Was Golden State has only agreed to a home, Zhu Bian decided Lun said, I was ready to die, I hope you accept the credentials to go back to announce his emperor, formed between the two countries.  christian louboutin for cheap 

Lun go Zhu Bian let Lun left the Southern Song official seal and official seal hidden in his arms, every day carries the official seal to sleep, did not forget their mission. Zhanhan first when the officials of the gold country, he refused, and then they cut off the diet to torment him. One day, Zhu Bian, said: the prion Temple run from a private school, public nobility their children come to school red bottom shoes under 100  to attract gold king, contributed to the dissemination of Chinese culture. Zhu Bian,

was detained by the Golden State Xijing 17 years, including 14 years living in large prion Temple. Prion Temple monks in the past 14 years, he forged a profound friendship, and personally witnessed over 60 satisfactory master worked hard day and night for the repair Temple scene, wrote the Temple rebuilt the hall in mind, Today,